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June 02, 2009


James Kramer

Interesting! We share a great-great grandfather - Rabbi Lesser Perlman! Making us - what - 4th cousins? I had come across some old family photos after my father passed away recently, and found one of my late mother as a young girl in the 1930's, with her grandparents Isadore and Sarah Block. From that photo I learned for the first time that Sarah's maiden name was Perlman. My mother never was clear on the details, but I remembered her saying that she had a very rich uncle who had invented something to do with tires. So I Googled Perlman and tires and found this! Great story, very well told, cousin.

Sandi Mansfield Richard

i found this story while searching for historical photos of my home town.
my grandmother bought the Perlman home in the 1960's. the home remains in my family to this day. I am not sure if its the same home you spoke of in the article or another structure on the property. i have always been fascinated by the history of this home and the Perlmans are an integral part of that history. Mrs Perlman left a treasure trove of items behind when she moved to England. furniture, antiques (dressers and tables are what i remember) as well as clothing from the late 19th century and an autograph book belonging to one Fanny Adler which dates to the civil war. i am wondering if there are any other historical pictures of the home(s)/structures on the original property? i would love to see an old photo of my family home.

Wine Club Guy

That's a great story...the spare tire is certainly something most of us think as something which didn't need to be "invented"

Maybe thought any case great story and I always enjoy stories about people's personal lives or family stories

Ken Atchity

Loved this story, Jim. More like this! I had no idea your family was so interesting, though clearly I might have guessed--you being the amazing human being that you are! Will treat my spare tire with more respect now!

keith branscombe

Hi Jim Wow what a story about your G.grandfather! And the painting a day guy—a real artist. Speaking of do you see much of dear Carlo M? Suzanne I & stayed at Villa Ca’ Toga (slept in cat through a cage room)years ago, so good to bump into your contagious enthusiasm for everything you encounter.

Howard Rosenberg

Great story Jim.
Thank you for sharing.
I'll think of this story the next time I call CAA to Pearlman my car....

Karl Gray

A story that perhaps could only have happened in America. And only to someone with the grit, entrepreneurial spirit, and
vision that personified Louis Perlman

Lesley Keffer Russell

Great story! Over the years, I would have "thanked Louis" if I'd known who he was.

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