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June 15, 2007



Thanks for taking the time to write and to point out what you believe is a discrepancy. (In all fairness, Jack above has since recommunicated that the Fulton Birds are raised in the Central Valley, not in Sacramento, as suggested above.)

Please don't shoot the messenger!

I was told by the chef and waitstaff that the chickens served at Press "are organic and come from Sonoma's Fulton Valley Farm."

Given the nature of the source of the quote... and the nature of the internet (to share immediately without fact-checking everything)... I did not think it was essential to fact-check this statement.

But I love your forthright expression of interest in the subject and your shared information... and I have sent an email to Fulton Valley requesting a detailed answer:

1. Are their organic birds raised in places distant from Sonoma County (which would hardly qualify to call their chickens "Bay-area birds" as they are called on their website)?

2. Are their organic birds processed in Fulton?

So far, my email has gone unanswered by Fulton Valley. (Why are the chicken pluckers stonewaling Napaman?)

It is an interesting situation, which you raise, Jack. In the world of wine, you can have a winery located in St. Helena, bring in grapes from another AVA and declare on the label that the wine in the bottle is "Oakville." In other words, regardless of where the grapes are processed, the ORIGIN of the material is what determines the marketing position of the end product.

If what you say is True, Jack, then it appears that the chickenmeisters work in a 180-degree, direct opposite format to the wine world, bringing material to Fulton from distant geographic areas (equal to wine's AVA zones)... and then label the "origin" of their material as a function of where it was processed! How backward for an "organic" labeled product!

(In the manufacturing world, this is done all the time... raw materials and finished parts are brought from various countries to make, let's say, a car... and then when everything is finally processed and assembled, the "country of origin" is the place where the assembly plant is located. "Canadian Ford cars" are identical to "Detroit-made cars," but the place where they are processed, or assembled, determines their "origin.")

It is unfortunate that Fulton Valley hasn't yet responded to my query... but if/when they do, I will post their comments.



Um, Fulton Valley Chickens come from Sacramento. They are processed at a plant on River Road in Santa Rosa. They are not Sonoma chickens. And, not to be contrary, but the pedigree of these chickens is poor compared to the other items on Press' menu.

I agree with your comment about how great it is that they don't do the industrial gins, etc. :)

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