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November 20, 2007


Greg Lawson

Our first release will be this September. Rob Lawson (my brother) is the wine maker.
I enjoy the website and forward friends to it all the time. Hope to see you soon out and about in the Valley.Cheers, Greg Lawson

Mark V Marino

Hmm sounds good I will try it now all I need is the Kale I have every thing else. I will check in more I love to cook. I have a good corn cassorole dish that would accompany it perfectly. Or maybe for the next course anyway I will check back and since we are close look at my blog too Thanks, Mark!



No need to feel jealous! Search out and make Carol's recipes posted throughout this site... and your home/kitchen will be full of women who are attentive, caring and hungry! Carol's recipes are that magnetic!

Good luck!


Lucky you. Living with a chef sounds wonderful. Just a little jealous

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