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Jim White has been a food and wine writer, newspaper food editor, and professional restaurant critic for 35 years.

He moved to Napa Valley, CA, in 1997 in order to write about food and wine in the setting which he says is "the best in North America, if not the world."

Schooled as a journalist, Jim has been a TV news reporter, a TV news anchorman, and a foreign correspondent in Africa; he has produced and directed films for the National Film Board of Canada and served as the head of audio visual resources for Canada's International Development Agency.

On the food writing side, Jim was restaurant critic for the (then) third largest newspaper in North America, The Toronto Star, with an unlimited budget to travel the world to review any restaurant, or profile any chef, he desired.

Twice in the 1980s, Jim was named Best Food Writer in North America by a panel of newspaper peers.

On the commercial food and beverage side, Jim has developed more than 10,000 premium-quality, private label products for such brands as President's Choice (for Loblaw Companies), Safeway Select (for Safeway), Wegmans, Sam's Choice (for Wal-Mart), and products for more than two dozen additional supermarket clients.

In 2003, Jim was a cofounder/partner of FGF Brands, a Toronto-based commercial bakery, which makes healthy muffins and tasty ethnic flatbreads (naan, lavash, pizza crusts, focaccia).

These healthier-for-you baked goods are available in supermarkets across the US and Canada. Jim sold his partnership interest in 2011.

As well, Jim has been a winery co-owner in Napa Valley where, for ten years, he and a partner made award-winning Zinfandels and Petit Sirahs.

There are NO conflicts of interest in anything which appears on
Jim is NOT paid for his comments, no matter how gratuitous they may be.
He accepts NO free meals.

From time to time, wineries may supply a sample bottle of a newly released wine for professional comment, but that is the exception to the rule; everything else is purchased, resulting in an unfettered, opinionated, press.

Carol White, former food editor of Canada's most widely read lifestyle magazine, Canadian Living, is a GREAT cook. No surprise. She has spent her career editing and writing cookbooks.

Carol also produced a weekly recipe column for Canada's largest newspaper, The Toronto Star.

Carol, who is passionate about cooking, has evolved a style of cuisine that is rich in flavor, yet low in fat; it relies on the freshest, best-quality, seasonal ingredients available.

Above all, Carol's dishes are casual and simple — hallmarks of her wine-country cuisine.


Food, wine, chocolate, Madeira, oh, and did I mention wine and food?