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July 04, 2007


linda mcdevitt

We moved to the valley about 6 years ago and had to make up a rhyme "too soon suisun" so the kids could remember how to say it. Everyone that visits loves it here and is amazed it is so close to Napa yet so unspoiled.

Courtney Cochran

normally I hate the LOL online tag, but that totally fits here! merci for the laughs.

jim white

Thanks for your comments, C.C. Love your sobriquet - Vidal Sassoon Valley... you know what they say about visitors who rush through this AVA... Hair today... gone tomorrow!

Courtney Cochran

I LOVED hearing about Vidal Sassoon Valley! Totally not PC of me to call it that, but that's how I'm going to remember it, so there it is. I'll definitely be checking out Suisun soon, and thanks for the tips & great tasting notes.

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